22 Inch BMW Wheels

    Buying 22 Inch BMW Rims in all their Glory

    If you spend most of your time travelling through the city then getting 22 inch custom rims for your BMW is an excellent choice. These rims will offer greater air flow to the brake system of your car which will help prevent overheating. What’s more, these rims are usually lighter than stock rims and will help improve gas mileage as well.

    Larger rims

    You may not know this but getting rims that are an inch or two larger than your stock rims will not only lend your car a sporty look but also improve its performance (well certainly you know about the former aspect). Just make sure you get wheels that are able to withstand the maximum load rating of your vehicle. They will also need to match your car’s bolt pattern. Call up USARIM – they know all about this. This is not the time for guessing games!


    Offsets are another pivotal factor for you to consider. If you get the wrong offset size, you are going to have trouble not only with your steering, but with the overall handling of your car. You do not want to install the wrong offsets and then get stuck with the wrong sized custom rims.

    Where to buy rims

    You have a few options when it comes to where you should buy custom rims from. You can obviously go down to an accessory store and look at the rims there. But you are not going to get as much of a choice there as you would if you were shopping online at a website like USARIM. Not even close! And you do not have to drive anywhere!

    What’s more, they will deliver the rims to your doorstep which means you will not have to go out of your way to get them. Isn’t that awesome? There are a whole lot of other benefits of shopping online. So what are you waiting for? Go online and start searching for the perfect set of custom rims for your BMW today.