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Cadillac Escalade 22 Inch Wheels

The Cadillac Escalade is a luxury SUV that was introduced to compete against Ford’s and Japanese offerings.

This car is manufactured in Texas and is named after a military tactic of scaling walls using siege towers or ladders. It is a five door SUV with a front engine and a rear wheel drive.

The platinum luxury edition of the Cadillac SUV released in 2004 came with 20 inch factory installed chrome wheels. Most of these SUVs also come with a tire pressure monitoring system that makes them safer on the road. Luxury features include a moon roof, heated, and cooled seats, and heated and cooled cup holders both at USARim produces Cadillac Escalade wheels at OEM facilities in Asia. These wheels are put through a 16-step test and manufactured to Cadillac specifications to ensure safety on the road. The wheels are made of one-piece aircraft grade aluminum and come in various styles and designs that are meant to make the Escalade stand out in a crowd. USARim Cadillac Escalade wheels come in various sizes from 20 to 24 inches.

The 22 inch wheels for the Cadillac Escalade from USARim come with matte black finish, platinum finish, chrome finish, platinum style chrome wheels, triple chrome plated, black, triple chrome with black inserts, silver, factory style chrome wheels, matte black powder coated wheels, and wheel rims with tires mounted and The rim width is typically 9 inches and the wheels have a 6 hole bolt pattern. The offset is set at 31 millimeters.

The spokes vary from the factory style with seven Vs, the seven parallel spokes, eight solid spokes, and OEM factory style six spokes in Y shape. The Cadillac Escalade wheels supplied by USARim are designed to fit perfectly on the car and can enhance its appearance.

These wheels come with a lifetime guarantee. All of them ship in sets of four and come with center caps. Some of them are generic center caps that are interchangeable with the factory caps. Most of the wheels can fit all models of the Cadillac Escalade.