Audi Replica Wheels

Audi Wheels

Audi has a long and complicated history, but that doesn’t mean it ever compromised on style, speed or the high quality motorists have come to know driving one of the company’s amazing machines. The four rings on its emblem represent the four companies that eventually merged to form the backbone of the brand, with two others joining the fray to form the Audi we know today. Each company brought even more power to the already strong Audi brand, such as a racecar that clocked in at 268 mph way back in 1938.
Audi was also the first manufacturer to conduct a crash test more than 75 years ago, rolling a subcompact F7 model down a hill. Once the car stopped rolling, bystanders were amazed to see it was essentially undamaged and even still running.
Keeping your own Audi running in optimum safety and style largely depends on the quality rims, and the selection at Replica Rims fits the bill. Our Audi OEM factory style replica rims cover a wide selection of sizes and styles to match your personality and the car you drive. Choose from silver, black, gunmetal or even hyper silver replica rims, with select styles sported a machined face finish.
The name Audi is a Latin translation of founder August Horsch’s name, meaning “hark” or “listen.” With help from Replica Rims’ techs who can help you find the perfect fit, you won’t have to listen to any rubbing, vibrating or other strange sounds that come from poorly fitted or improperly balanced wheels.
Ruining the ride is not an option you want to take, especially with Audi options that include the passenger-friendly S4 sedan and streamlined TT. Others include cruising in luxury with the 220-HP Audio A4, hauling the family in the five-star safety rated A6, or kicking back in the sporty Audi A5 convertible.