Mercedes Wheels

Mercedes Wheels

Regardless if you’re going for a Mercedes C, E, S, SL or CLA, you’re getting a high-end luxury car that deserves quality wheels. UsaRim offers you many choices for Mercedes rims, including OEM factory style options, custom Benz wheels, aftermarket designs and many wheel finishes like chrome, silver, machined and black chrome.
Where did the Mercedes Benz letter models come from? The letter designations did at one time denote a specific feature or attribute of each vehicle, although those old-school designations no longer necessarily still hold true. What you can discern from the letter designations is the level of luxury you can expect to receive.

Mercedes Benz Wheels

The letter C originally stood for coupe, although you can now find C-Class versions of sedans. The C-Class and CLA vehicles are typically the entry-level cars in the Mercedes Benz line, featuring all the basics you’d expect from a Mercedes along with the lowest overall price.

AMG Rims

The letter E was used to indicate Einspritz, or a fuel-injected engine, when the technology was not the norm across the board. The modern E-Class vehicles are typically next in line when it comes to luxury and price above the C-Class and CLA models.

Mercedes Benz Rims

The letter S initially meant super, and the SL meant super light, according to Mercedes USA parts operations supervisor Tom Hanson. You can currently find the SL Roadster on the market, which is at the top of the roadster selection when it comes to features and price. You can also find S-Class coupes and sedans, with both types of S-Class vehicles at the high end of the scale.

Mercedes OEM Replica Wheels

Despite the multiple letter designations and levels of luxury you can find with Mercedes Benz vehicles themselves, you can always opt for high-end replica wheels with the selection from UsaRim. With OEM style wheel sizes that range from 16 inches to 22 inches, you’ll find a wide selection designed to fit all Mercedes models.

Mercedes Factory Replica Rims

Choose from factory style wheels that provide the same look and performance of OEM rims at a fraction of the price. Or go wild with custom painted aftermarket wheels. Our wheel and tire experts will help you find the perfect Mercedes wheels that let you keep the high-class, luxury vibe of your vehicle alive, without appearing tacky. With many rim styles that compliment your vehicle, you’re sure to find wheels that turn your stock Benz into a head-turning, attention catching ride – as unique as you are.