18 Inch BMW Wheels

Grab some 18 Inch Chrome Rims for Your BMW that should Increase its Value

Apart from the obvious enhancement to the appearance of a BMW, another couple of reasons why you should consider upgrading your stock BMW rims are because of the improvements in handling and performance.


The first custom wheels were developed more than 50 years ago and were made from magnesium which made them a lot lighter as compared to steel made wheels. This helped in enhancing the performance and reduced race lap times. They weren’t too suitable for regular day to day driving though since they were brittle and could break easily as compared to steel wheels.

Oxidation also meant that these wheels required constant polishing and cleaning. This is why manufacturers decided to look for an alternative material to manufacture custom wheels which is when they settled on aluminum.


The reduced weight is a very important element as far as the custom wheels are concerned. It allows for improved acceleration as well as braking and can improve the overall handling of a vehicle. It basically allows for a better ride overall.

You will even see significant benefits as far as fuel economy is concerned. Just ensure you don’t get wheels which are too much bigger than the ones that came with your BMW or it may have more of a negative effect overall in your new rim investment. You do not want to regress in life, you want to move forward.

18 Inch Chrome Rims

There is nothing that radiates style more than cool 18 inch chrome rims for your BMW. They can add a touch of class to almost any vehicle. And there is no better place for you to purchase such rims than USARIM. Irrespective of whether you have a 3 series, M3, or Z3 model BMW, you will find chrome rims for it here. Even if chrome isn’t your thing because they can be too shiny and perhaps you have seen Transformers 1 and 2 so many times that all that chrome on Megatron has wore you out, no worries, you have other options.

USARIM has a wide range for you to choose from that look just as majestic as chrome.