Cadillac Escalade Wheels

Cadillac Escalade Wheels & Rims
Cadillac has long made its mark in the luxury sedan market, and the introduction of its Escalade has been doing the same for the SUV arena. Billed as the brand’s crown jewel, the Escalade comes in a number of trim levels that let you amp up the luxury to the highest heights you dare to drive. You can also opt for the Escalade ESV, which features an additional 20 inches of space for up to eight passengers with 120 cubic feet of cargo room.
Even the standard model Escalade is anything but standard. Cutting-edge technology is coupled with high-end luxury. Cut-and-sewn interior, leather and wood appointments, multiple exterior lamps, a hands-free lift gate and a 16-speaker surround sound audio system are just a few of the indulgences you’ll find inside every single model.
The Escalade Luxury Collection elevates the vehicle even further, adding a number of high-tech safety features, a power sliding sunroof and second-row power foldable seats to the mix. Go one better with the Escalade Premium Collection. Here you’ll enjoy all the features found in the Luxury line along with front and rear automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, remote control capabilities and even automatic seat belt tightening.
If you’re still not satisfied, you can take the Escalade up yet another notch with the Platinum Collection. This selection of high-end Cadillac SUVs gives you all the goodies found in the Premium Collection along with features that truly put it over the top. These include a center console cooler, premium leather seating on the two front rows, power front seats with a massage option for the driver, and a rear-seat entertainment system with multiple screens.
Cadillac Escalade OEM wheels include dual seven-spoke wheels and premium wheels in various finishes, and UsaRim has the Cadillac replica rims to match. Our 20 to 24-inch Cadillac Escalade rims include Platinum style wheels, chrome factory replica wheels and other original equipment style wheels. We offer Escalade rims in finishes that encompass chrome, black, black chrome, silver and gunmetal with chrome inserts, all ready to provide the finishing touch of luxury.