18 Inch Mercedes Wheels

About 18 Inch Mercedes Wheels

The Mercedes Benz is renowned for its safety features. In addition, these cars are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to green technology, better performance, and luxury fittings. Decades of research and effort are behind the trend and standard setting improvements in Mercedes Benz cars.

USARim is an OE manufacturer of replica Mercedes Benz wheels and wheel rims. The company has several OEM facilities in Asia and supplies to Mercedes Benz dealers throughout the world. All the wheels and wheel rims manufactured for Mercedes Benz cars are made to Benz safety specifications. They are made using aircraft quality aluminum and are stringently tested using a 16-step process. The wheels and wheel rims come with a lifetime guarantee.

Mercedes Benz wheels are developed to meet stringent safety standards. They are made of light weight alloy and are tested during the design phase to take the stress of real operating conditions.

The wheels are also designed to complement the style and class of the Mercedes Benz cars. They are expected to complement the overall design of the body even as they form an important safety feature of the cars. The wheels are light, safe, durable, and reliable.
The 18-inch replica wheels for Mercedes Benz come in different styles and finishes.

They can have five or six spokes or have a turbine style. The finish can be black, silver, chrome, machined with black accents, or gunmetal. The one piece construction of the wheels is standard, though the rim width can vary between 8 and 8.5 inches, though the 8.5 inches is more common. The offset for the 18 inch wheels can vary from 30 millimeters to 45 millimeters for the models that are suitable for the C63, E63, CLK63, and the S63.

The Mercedes wheels from USARim are replicas that come in sets of four with four central caps. They are five hole bolt pattern and are designed to enhance the appearance of the Mercedes Benz cars, making them stand out. While most of the wheels have a 5×112 bolt patterns, some such as the 18-inch wheel for model C63 have a 5×112 bolt pattern.