22 Inch Mercedes Wheels

About 22 Inch Mercedes Wheels

A Mercedes Benz stands for more than luxury. The company has put decades of innovation and work behind its cars to ensure that each stands for safety, a better environment, and superior performance. Often Mercedes Benz’s innovations become the standard for safety and a green environment. Each model is designed to look amazing even as it also enhances the performance and comfort of the vehicle.

Genuine and replica Mercedes Benz wheels can be used to enhance the appearance of the car. Replica Mercedes Benz wheels from USARim range in size from 16 inches to 20 inches. The replicas are guaranteed to be of the same high quality as the factory manufactured ones. In fact, USARim supplies replica wheels to Mercedes Benz factory dealers. All of the wheels are manufactured in OEM facilities in Asia.

USARim supplies a range of OEM replica wheels for Mercedes Benz cars. These include chrome AGM wheel rims, chrome wheel rims in monoblock III style, gunmetal finished AGM wheel rims, and more. Some of the wheels have been designed specifically for certain Mercedes Benz models such as the C CLK.

These have a gunmetal finish and are machine finished to provide the best looks for the car. All the USARim replica wheels are made from aircraft quality aluminum and ship in sets of four. They come with a lifetime guarantee and are designed to fit perfectly to a Mercedes Benz.

The 22-inch Mercedes Benz replica wheels from USARim have either a chrome finish or a gun metal finish. These wheels for the Mercedes have a 5×112 bolt pattern and come with four center caps. The one piece construction has a 22 inch diameter and rim width of 9 inches. The bolt pattern is 5 holes and the pitch circle diameter is 112 inches.

The offset can vary from 20 millimeters to 35 millimeters depending on the model of the wheel. While the 20 millimeter offset replica wheel is suitable for older Benz models as well as the C Class, CL Class, CLK Class, GL Class, and AGM models of certain